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"Starting Karate at a young age, trained by world renowned Martial Artist and former Sensei Dr. Burt Konzak, Karate has become second nature. With over two decades of experience in the art of Karate, it is my objective to share and pass that knowledge on to each generation of Karate Ka in our dojo. My focus is to see individual improvement each week in all students by enforcing discipline and strict etiquette. I have devoted much of my life to Karate do training and will continue to do so at the Scarborough Academy of Karate."

Senior Instructor

"I've been training karate-do and judo since 1991. I began teaching in 2001, and received my black belt in 2004. I have experience in many different types of Martial Arts that are incorporated in my teachings. I obtained my p.h.D in the history and philosophy of science and technology. I am now a part time instructor at the Scarborough Academy of Karate."

Senior Instructor

"I first started training at the age of 12. Being trained by former Martial arts expert Burt Konzak was quite frightening, he always demanding the absolute best and pushed his students to be the best they could be, It was this part in my training I started to develop discipline, control, and respect. In 2011 i received my black belt. I couldn't be happier to now be a part of the Scarborough Academy of Karate and have the opportunity to share my over 20 years of knowledge in Karate to the next generation. Even as a black belt I still have many things to learn and look forward to learning them under Sensei."


"I started Karate in 2003 and have trained under Sensei for several years now. Starting karate at a young age, I’ve seen how it has affected me in a positive manner as I’ve grown to be more respectful and mature through my journey as a Karate Ka. I am also proud to say that it was under Sensei that I achieved my goal of receiving my black belt on July 12, 2015. I’ve learned under Sensei since my yellow/green belt and even as I’m a black belt now, I continue to learn. Karate continues to be a positive experience and It is my objective to assist others in achieving a similar experience."

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"Starting since 2003 along with 5+ years professionally instructing, I have received training from multiple teachers and gained many experiences which led to my receiving my black belt in 2017 from Sensei . Karate has helped me acquire a skill set that has bettered my life, both physically and mentally. Karate offers a means for physical fitness, self-defense, and mentality training that can be rarely found elsewhere and I believe has been beneficial for me and many other’s I have trained with.  Although I am a black belt, there is still many more things for me to learn from Karate, and I will continue to grow as a student and instructor at the Scarborough Academy of Karate."


"I started Karate at the young age of 7 and recently progressed to black belt in 2022. Practicing Karate for most of my life has helped me develop the tools to thrive in my training and in life. I have grown physically and mentally. However, there is still much to be learned and I intend to continue my training at the Scarborough Academy in order to develop myself further as well as help guide the students of this Dojo to develop and thrive."

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