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About Our Dojo

Our Style

Heiwa Senshi Ryu (Peace Warrior Style) is a hybrid style of Karate exclusive to this Dojo that combines high level intensity fitness and traditional Karate Do. It symbolizes the strength that is obtained from our intense trainings yet with the control to harness that strength responsibly. Devotion and discipline are traits students will achieve when the way of Heiwa Senshi Ryu is embraced. The items included in our logo/crest have significant meaning as it relates to our dojo. The outer incomplete circle is referred to as an "ensō". An ensō expresses the freedom of the mind to let the body create. The ensō  displayed in our crest is not a full circle, suggesting that there is always room for improvement, always a goal seeking completion.​ The gate like object in the center of the crest is referred to as a a "Torii", they are typically found in Japan and represent entrance to sacred grounds.



The type of martial arts we study is Karate Do. We focus on self-defense, traditional karate technique and kata and health and fitness training. Our objective is to instill discipline, respect and self-worth into all members that train here. We are not a Dojo of violence and do not condone it inside or outside of class. The safety and the well-being of all our students is our top priority. All sparring is non-contact and supervised in a controlled environment.


Aside from the above mentioned, self-development is our goal in this Dojo. Providing our students with the tools and resources both mentally and physically to further succeed and achieve their goals in life. True failure is failing to try and in this Dojo we advocate for perseverance and instill a "never quit" attitude into our students so that they may face obstacles in life with fortitude and confidence. The belt we wear around our waist is a symbol of our growth in karate and in life.

New Students

While our Dojo has a proud history of tradition and devoted members, we welcome and encourage new members. At first, classes may be intimidating, it is important to note that our objective is to help anyone who steps into the Dojo with the eagerness to indulge in the ways of a Karate-Ka to improve in a safe and healthy environment. Everyone absorbs the teachings of Karate at different paces and will get instruction accordingly. Rest assured you will be surrounded by students and instructors with many years of experience eager to lead you on the proper path.

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"True failure is failing to try."
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