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Additional Discounts!: Refer a member to join for 1
month to receive a free monthly membership


The primary focuses of this dojo are the quality of standards and growth of the students within. In most Martial Arts schools, classes range from 30-60 minutes with costs higher than listed below which are typically accompanied by a yearly membership cost, insurance costs or contract. With our Dojo, what you see is what you get. Fair and transparent fees with all classes at 90 minutes. Taxes are included in the membership costs. Additionally, our Saturday advanced class is FREE.

In many Dojo's there are outrageous costs associated with belt promotions that cost hundreds of dollars or more. In this Dojo, there are NO promotion fees. When a student is called upon to be tested for their next belt, it is because they have earned it through hard work and determination, not because they purchased it.

Fees displayed are the total amount for 2 family members. 

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