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Start your journey to a devoted lifestyle

The instructors of this dojo have a combined 80 years+ experience in Karate Do between a handful of us. Each instructor was inspired and trained under the world renowned Martial artist, Dr. Burt Konzak in his dojo that he created in 1970 until he retired in 2011. This Dojo, will continue the legacy of Burt Konzak along with the tremendous training he always provided.

Our vision is to provide a safe and disciplined environment for students that maintains the traditional standards of karate-do. Our dojo is open to everyone, no matter creed, culture or gender. Simply show up on time, try your best, and keep an open mind. This is why the first belt is colored white like a fresh canvas to symbolize the "beginner's mind", which is a blank slate ready to be filled in with good habits from proper practice.

Every student in this dojo will get the attention he or she needs to progress in karate-do or "the way of the empty hand". Our classes are available for all ages 7+. Review our class schedule to obtain class information and dates. Come and observe a class, and let the proficiency of our students speak for itself.

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